Web Client - Troubleshooting

Clear the browser cache / clear browser data

The "cache" is a storage location for data that has been previously requested. It is supposed to speed up future requests for the same data. Sometimes, older copies of data can cause problems. Clearing the cache removes old copies of data, and refreshes the page.

To clear the Chrome cache:

  1. In the Evergreen Chrome profile, open the Chrome menu
  2. Mouse over More tools
  3. Click Clear browsing data
  4. In the Clear browsing data pop-up
    • Change the Time range to All time
    • Make sure ONLY Cached images and files is checked
  5. Click Clear data
  6. Close the Settings tab

Check your Chrome version

Evergreen functionality relies on an up to date version of Chrome. Generally, Chrome will automatically update, but, if staff PCs are frozen using Deepfreeze or otherwise have updates locked down, these automatic updates will not happen. To verify that your version of Chrome is up to date, and get prompts to update if it is not, follow these steps.

  1. In the Evergreen Chrome profile, oen the Chrome menu
  2. Mouse over Help, and click About Google Chrome
  3. In the About Chrome Settings window, there will be a status indication that Chrome is up to date, or needs updating
    • If Chrome needs updating, follow the screen prompts

Check installed extensions

Extensions are small programs that add features or extra functionality to your web browser. Evergreen uses the Hatch extension to manage printing. In general, you want to avoid adding extra extensions that are not directly related to Evergreen functionality, or specific work-related tasks.

  1. Open the Chrome menu
  2. Mouse over More Tools Click Extensions
  3. A new tab will open displaying all installed extensions
    • Extensions with a blue slider are active, with a grey slider are inactive
  4. Remove extensions that you do not recognize and are not used for library related work
  5. Most libraries should have only Hatch, which is required for managed printing; Adobe is a common extension for PDF documents

ALERT! Extensions related to adware, coupons, etc. can cause major problems with browser response speed, display, and functionality. This is another reason why PLS recommends using a Chrome profile dedicated to Evergreen.

No printers recognized

  • Try waiting a few minutes
  • Try logging out of Evergreen, closing the browser, then logging back in
  • Hatch may need to be reinstalled again (no need to uninstall)

Printing is configured but nothing prints

  • If you are checking a Receipt content print - check the Receipt Printer Settings > Margins. Generally the Star printers use Automatic Margins set to either "Device Minimum" or "Equal Opposites". Set one margin option, apply changes, and do a Test Print. If the test print works, the margin setting is good. If the test print does NOT print, try the other option.
  • An updated version of Hatch was released late February/early March 2019 which may cause conflicts with printing configuration. Uninstall Hatch and the Chrome extension. Reinstall both.

One single slip will not print, but others do not

  • There is a problem with the template.
    • Copy and paste the template code from a workstation with a working template
    • Copy and paste customization code from WebClientConfigurationPrintTemplates
    • Or contact PLS for assistance de-bugging the template

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