Web Client - Search for Patrons


Search Form


Basic search by name

  1. From the Home Screen or using the Search menu, click Search for Patron by Name
  2. In the search form, in the appropriate boxes enter full names or use the first few characters and click Search
  3. All matching records will populate the list


Show other search fields

  1. In the Search Form, click the Show More Fields down arrow button
  2. The other search fields are now visible
  3. Enter search terms, and click Search

NOTE: the search form will remain for all new patron searches expanded unless Show Fewer Fields up arrow button is clicked.

Review patron information

  1. Clicking anywhere in a patron row will both highlight (the row turns blue) and select (the row is checked) the record
  2. Patron information summary details will display to the left
  3. Patron circ summary details will display in the circ function tabs at the top

Enter the patron record

  1. Double click the patron record row, or
  2. Click any of the function tabs: Check Out, Items Out, Holds, Bills, Edit to access those screens
    • The function tab will highlight dark blue, indicating the active screen
    • If there is an alert on the account t will display before the selected function
  3. Within the function screens, the Patron Search button remains available
    • Depending on the action taken on the patron record, clicking Patron Search will open either a blank patron search form or the previous search result list

Search list options

Add to [patron] bucket

Patron buckets allow staff to make batch actions on multipl, selected patron records. Records can be selected from a series of searches, saved to a bucket, and batch edited at a later date.

  1. Perform a patron search to retrieve records
  2. Click in the selection box of the records
    • NOTE: while clicking anywhere in the record row will highlight and select that record, you must click in the selection box to select multiple records from a single list
  3. Once records have been selected, click Add to Bucket
  4. If this is your first bucket, or you are working on a new project, click New Bucket
    1. In the Create Bucket form add a Name
    2. An optional Description
    3. If other staff at your library will also need to access the bucket, select Staff Sharable?
    4. Click Create Bucket
    5. A note will pop up confirming the addition of the records to the bucket
  5. Continue to search for records and add to the saved bucket
To edit records in a User Bucket, open the Circulation Menu, click User Buckets (follow link for more detail).

Merge Patrons

Number of rows to display per page and page navigation

There is no longer a limit to the number of patrons returned in the search results. To manage the display, you can set the number of rows to display, ranging from 5 to 100, 25 rows is the default. Whatever value is set will remain until a different value is selected.

To move between pages, click the arrow buttons: start, previous page, next page, or use the drop down option to go to a specific page.

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