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All data lists in the client can be configured to display the data columns you need, in the order you prefer.

Out of the box, most lists include columns that do not provide useful data and take up critical space. PLS recomends that libraries review the different functions and lists, and their own workflows, to determine the most useful set of columns. All workstations should be updated to share the same column configurations as soon as possible after setting the web client profile and workstation. Always be sure to save any column configurations you wish to keep.

For special projects or specific information needs, column configuration can be changed but not saved so the display only lasts as long as the tab open.

Column Picker

The data fields available in the column picker change according to the data being displayed - for example: patron Bills will display data fields for bills, payments, circulation, and copy record, where patron Items Out will display data fields for copy record, title record, and circulation.

Select display columns

  1. From the list, click the single arrow button next to the list navigation buttons
  2. Click on a column name to select (green check box) or de-select (orange x box) options

List Options

List Options are standard for all lists.

Configure Columns

The Configure Columns functions allows staff to change column width, column order, and sorting rank.

  • Expand/Shrink - the extent to which columns can be expanded depends upon the number of columns selected. The more columns displayed, the less room each one has. Shrink columns that either have short data - such as library codes, or have data that is not necessary to display fully - such as the time part of a date, in order to give as much room as possible for longer more important fields - such as title. Click the expand or shrink arrows until the desired width is achieved. Expanding or shrinking columns will cause other column widths to adjust to compensate.
  • Left/Right - click the arrows to move the column. Keep clicking until the column is in the desired position.
  • Far Left/Far Right - click the arrows to move the column to the first position on the left or last position on the right.
  • Sort - these values change the column sort order
    • 0 = no sorting has been applied
    • 1 = ascending sort
    • -1 = descending sort


Save Columns

Reset Columns

Download Full CSV

Print Full Grid

Column Order

The default selection and arrangement of columns is not always optimized for an efficient workflow. Once you have selected necessary columns, click and drag the column headers to new positions:

When the column selection and order is set, click Save Columns.

Suggested column configurations

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