Hatch Configuration for Printing



Printing requires installation and configuration of a plugin called Hatch.

Part of: WebClientConfiguration


  1. Install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) if not already installed on your computer - https://java.com
  2. Run the Windows Hatch Installer (0.15) - https://evergreen-ils.org/egdownloads/ > Web Staff Client Extension ("Hatch")
  3. Install the Chrome plugin - Hatch Native Messenger

Hatch Print Service Configuration

  1. Open the web client and go to Adminsitration > Workstation
  2. Click Print/Storage Service ("Hatch")
  3. Check "Use Hatch for Printing"


ALERT! DO NOT check Store Local Settings in Hatch or Store Offline Transaction Data in Hatch - these can cause the web client to fail, aka the "white screen of death"

"White screen of death"

A known issue with Hatch is the "white screen of death" - staff is able to log in to the web client, but instead of opening to a normal home screen, the screen displays only the green menu bar and a blank, white page. To fix this issue follow these steps.

  1. Clear stored data
    1. Open the staff client
    2. On the keyboard, press the F12 key (this opens a side panel with developer tools)
    3. Select the Application tab - click the >> if it is not visible
    4. Click Clear Storage, verify that you are looking at the Evergreen web client, click Clear site data
    5. Close Chrome
  2. Check your installed applications
    1. Open your computer's Control Panel
    2. Under Programs, click Uninstall a program
    3. Scroll through the list of programs to verify that Evergreen ILS - Hatch - Java Based Print Service... is installed
    4. Scroll through the list of programs to verify that Java is installed, for both 32- and 64-bit versions
  3. Verify that Hatch is installed on Chrome
    1. Open Chrome
    2. Click the hamburger menu, then select More Tools > Extensions
    3. Look for Hatch Native Messenger
  4. Login to the web client and reconfigure the Hatch settings
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