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There are two methods for printing in the web client: using the standard print dialog or using the Hatch printing extension.

Standard browser print dialog

Standard browser print dialog requires staff to manually click through a print dialog for every print request. This option will work if you do not print from evergreen often and do not mind manually clicking print.

Hatch managed printing

Hatch is a small program that supports more complex, auto-print options when specific types of print requests go to specific printers. For example, you want all check out slips to print to a slip printer and the Hold Pull List to print to a standard printer every time, without selecting or changing printers. You need to install Hatch to do this.

This option is best if you have frequent print jobs sent to different types of printers.

Configuring Hatch requires installing several applications, including Java, the Hatch Web Client extension, and the Hatch extension for Chrome.

Set up Hatch managed printing

You need an updated version of Java, to install a Hatch file, and enable a Hatch extension in Chrome.

  1. Install the most current version of Java
    • Go to go to https://java.com, click Download
    • Follow all screen prompts
    • This process includes steps to uninstall any older versions
  2. Download Evergreen's Hatch extension
    • Go to https://evergreen-ils.org/egdownloads/
    • At Web Staff Client Extension ("Hatch") click the Windows Hatch Installer link to download
    • Click the downloaded file to install, follow all screen prompts
    • NOTE! Updates will be made to the Hatch installer file. The current (as of 2/26/19) version is 0.2.0
  3. Install the Hatch Chrome extension
    • Click here: Hatch Native Messenger to open the Chrome Web Store page for the Hatch extension
    • Click Add to Chrome
    • Click Enable Extension

Configuration Hatch Print Service in Evergreen

  1. Open the web client and go to Administration > Workstation
  2. Click Print/Storage Service ("Hatch")
  3. Check "Use Hatch for Printing"


ALERT! DO NOT check Store Local Settings in Hatch or Store Offline Transaction Data in Hatch - these can cause the web client to fail, aka the "white screen of death"

Configure Printer Settings

Once Hatch is configured, you must set your default printers and settings, for directions see: WebClientConfigurationPrinterSettings

Configure Print Templates

After setting the printer defaults, configure your receipts; to view receipt template defaults and get tips on customizing templates, see: WebClientConfigurationPrintTemplates

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