Print Templates for Receipts and Lists



When there is a print option within an Evergreen function, there is a corresponding print template that dictates the format, content, and printer used for that print request. In most cases, the screen display does NOT match the printed out.

Edit templates

Each library can customize their local slips. Print templates are created using a combination of basic HTML, CSS, and Evergreen code. Submit a help request for assistance with customizing your templates.

Examples of common customizations are provided in this document, with a preview image of the receipt and a text file that can be copied and pasted into the template edit window.


Images to be added to a print template must be submitted to PLS to be stored on a secure server. The image can be added to the slip using the URL and an "<img>" tag. Submit your image file using this form.

Example code format: <div><img src=""></div>

Format text

To change a section of text's size or emphasis, add style code. To change font size:

 <div style="font-size:150%">Welcome to {{}}</div> 

To change font emphasis:

<div style="font-weight:bold">Welcome to {{}}</div>

Multiple styles can be combined:

<div style="font-weight:bold;font-size:150%;text-align:center;">Welcome to {{}}</div>

Save Locally

Be sure to save any local customizations. Print templates are saved per computer. Use the Export and Import functions to save templates to a flash drive to install consistent templates on multiple workstations.

Export and Import

Available Templates

Bills, Current

Bills, Historical

Bills, Payment



Add "You saved..." block


Hold Transit Slip

Customize for delivery slip use

Removes extraneous library information, increases size of library code for delivery use, removes patron identifying information.


Hold Shelf Slip

Add patron name to top of slip in large, bold print with hold shelf expire date


Holds for Bib Record

Holds for Patron

Hold Pull List

In the WebClientPullList, clicking "Print Full List" triggers this template.

Sort printed Pull List by Copy Location then Call Number

Adds a line that sorts to list Copy Location and Call Number and replaces the full borders with bottom borders below each row.


In-House Use List

Hold Shelf List

Item Status

Items Out

Patron Address

Patron Note


Transit List

Transit Slip


Offline Checkout

Offline Renew

Offline Checkin

Offline In-House Use

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