Web Client - Set up and configuration

About the web client

Browser set up

  1. If not done already, install Chrome on all workstations
  2. Plan to keep Chrome up to date
  3. Set Chrome to allow Evergreen pop-ups

Manage browser data

Some client-specific data is stored in the web browser and should NOT be cleared. These are stored using web technologies called Local Storage and IndexedDB. They can both be cleared when clearing browser history and data.

  • workstations
  • templates
  • offline transactions
In Chrome "Clear browsing data..."
  • Do NOT select "Cookies and other site data"
  • You may clear all other browsing data

Login / Register a workstation

Workstation Administration

Print/Storage Service ("Hatch")


Printer Settings


Print Templates (receipts)

See: WebClientConfigurationPrintTemplates

Volume/Copy Templates

  1. WebClientAdministrationMenu? > Local Administration
  2. Volume/Copy Template Editor
    • All original templates from desktop client will be converted and visible in the web client ONLY IF there are no existing copy templates in the web client
    • Exported desktop client templates cannot be imported into the web client
    • After conversaion, new templates can be created
    • Keep master backup file
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