Web Client - Check Out Items


Basic Check Out

  1. From the home screen, click the Check Out Items link
  2. Scan the Patron Barcode
    • If the patron does not have their card, click the Patron Search link to retrieve the account by search
  3. Scan the Item Barcode
  4. The check out record appears in the list
  5. Repeat until all materials are checked out
  6. Select a receipt option or click Done to generate a default receipt and close the patron account


Check Out with Specific Due Date

  1. Before scanning the Item Barcode, click the calendar widget in the Date Options field
  2. Select the desired due date
    • All subsequent loans to the patron will use the same specific due date
    • The date will reset to normal for the next patron
  3. Proceed to scan items


Non-cataloged Items Check Out

If your library "checks out" items that are non individually cataloged because they are interested in statistics for these items, but otherwise does not care if the items are returned, the Non-Cataloged Item check out is the option to use. Non-cataoged item types are predefined, shared by the entire system, and are also used for tracking in-house use? .

Non-cataloged item check outs cannot be returned, do not become over due, disappear from the account after their "due date", and do not accrue fines. They only display in the Items Out > Non-Cataloged Circulations list.

  1. Instead of scanning an item barcode, click the down arrow in the Barcode box to open the non-cataloged types list
  2. Select the appropriate type (the box where a barcode would be scanned greys out), and click Submit
  3. In the pop-up, enter the number of items crculating, click OK
  4. A blank row will appear in the check outs list


Receipt Options

Quick Receipt

Clicking Quick Receipt will generate a date due receipt without closing the patron account. The icon next to the Quick Receipt button - either a printer (printed receipt) or an envelope (emailed receipt) - indicates the format of the quick receipt. If a patron has opted in to receiving email date due receipts, the envelope icon will display.

If for any reason the patron wants a different receipt format for the transaction, click the arrow in the Quick receipt box to select for receipt format.

Set emailed receipt default

The emailed receipt preference must be manually enabled. Staff can set this in Patron Edit, by checking the "Email checkout receipts by default?" option. The patron must have a valid email address in their account.

Patrons can set this preference from their online account, in the Preferences > Notification section.

Date Options

One time specific due date checkout

If you are changing the due date for a single patron, click the calendar widget and select the date. Once the patron record is closed, the due date will revert to normal.

Use specific due date until logout

If all of the day's circulations will use a special due date, use the "until logout" option. The special date will persist for all patrons until the Evergreen session is logeed out.

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