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When adding holdings, PLS recommends searching by keyword and typing the author's last name and part of the title.

Scanning a UPC code is not guaranteed to find a matching record - even when one exists in the catalog! It will only return a result if the code you scan is present in a record in the catalog. Many titles/copies have variant codes, particularly in cases of reprinted editions, 10- versus 13- digit ISBNs, different distributors, etc. If you do scan a code on the item and it does not return a match, double check by trying a keyword search for author name and title term.

Criteria for matching


No matching record found

Add Volume

  1. Click record title to open title details
  2. In Record Summary area, click Add Volumes
  3. In the Edit tab Volume details section enter:
    • Call Number
    • Barcode
    • Copy # optional
  4. In the Working Copies area apply item attributes
  5. Click Save & Exit
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