Retarget Holds for New Copies

Evergreen v.2.2


When a new copy is added, it is NOT automatically captured to fill existing holds. The copy status is Reshelving/Available until the hold targeter runs, matching the new item to pending holds. This delay allows libraries to shelve their new materials, allowing local patrons the possibility of serendipitously finding the item on the shelf for check out.

If the item is not checked out, it will automatically be targeted for a hold after a certain period but it may not be captured for a local hold or the oldest hold request.

ALERT! Staff can manually force the system to update hold records, ensuring the item will fill local holds and oldest holds.

Retarget Local Holds for New Copies and Retarget All Statuses

These are Checkin Modifiers that will force the hold targeter to run and look for holds (for pickup at your library and elsewhere) placed on the item's TitleRecord in the same process as scanning the item in CheckInItems to change the CopyStatus from "in processing."

  1. Add new items
  2. Open a new tab, click CheckInItems
  3. Select the Check In Modifier "Retarget Local Holds" and "Retarget All Statuses"
    • Once selected, "Always Retarget Local Holds" will appear in the Check In screen header and will remain selected until manually de-selected
    • Using these checkin modifiers is helpful in all check in situations to ensure hold records are prompty updated
  4. Scan items
  5. Local holds will be captured when local holds exist; holds for other pickup locations will be captured if hold protection is not used; other items will be routed to their shelving locations

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