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Request Item



The Request Item function allows staff to create one of two special types of copy-level holds, Force and Recall, that cut in front of all other holds and ignore hold rules. For Recall holds, the copy’s status changes to cataloging when it reaches its owning library destination.

This is also referred to as a "Cataloging Recall Hold".

For libraries checking in an item with recall hold, the hold/transit alerts will occur in exactly the same way as all other holds. They will label the item with the library code and place the item in delivery.

Place a Force or Recall hold

  1. Enter the item barcode in ItemStatus

  2. Highlight the record, right click and select Request Item

  3. An Item Hold/Recall/Force tab opens, verify Request Details
    • Hold User Barcode - autofills based on current login, should be LIBTECH
      • Force/Recall holds can be placed for another library, type the LIBTECH username, ex: "blotech" and hit enter, the full name will refresh
    • Hold Type - select Recall Hold or Force Hold; Recall holds will route the item to cataloging when it is checked in at the destination library
    • Pickup Library - autofills based on workstation library
      • If the Force/Recall hold is being placed for another library, change the Pickup Library to match the Hold User Barcode

  4. Click Make Request

  5. The message "1 hold created" will display, the item will appear in the LIBTECH account Holds list

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