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Use this form to request a custom report. Please check the full list of reports, listed in the ReportIndex? , that are already available via the ReportsBrowseReports interface. This includes scheduled reports (such as ReportsMonthlyNewUsers) and ad hoc reports (such as the shelflist reports.)

Existing custom reports

Custom reports have already been developed, typically for a specific library's use, but have not been added to the ad hoc report. The available reports are listed in the ReportsRequestCustomReport? page. You should use this report to request any of the custom reports be edited and run for your library.

New custom report

To help us create the report, please answer the following questions in the "Detailed Description" part of the form:

  • Describe the information you need
  • How do you plan to use this information? (This helps determine the correct data sources)
  • What information should be included in the output? (I.e. - title, author, local number,etc.)

ALERT! Creating reports takes time! Please submit your request before you need to use the data. Please provide a deadline so that we are able to prioritize reports. Whenever possible, PLS intends to make custom reports generic enough that they can be used by all libraries, available as Ad Hoc reports.

Request Form

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