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Renew Items



Renewing a loan effectively checks the item in, then checks it back out to the patron for another full loan period. Before renewing an item, make sure that the original loan period is set to expire.

  • Most items can be renewed two times. Once the renewal limit has been met, a [renewal failure] message will open.
  • If holds have been placed on the title record, the loan cannot be renewed.

Renew Item by Barcode

Use this function when the items are available to be scanned. ALERT! This option allows printing a new date due receipt.

  1. In a new tab, select Circulation Menu > Renew Items; or press Ctrl + F2
  2. The Renew Item function opens
  3. If the patron requires a special renewal due date, check Specific Due Date and select the date and time
  4. Scan the item barcode
  5. The new due date, any overdue bills, and Remaining Renewals display in the list
  6. Click Print List to generate a renewal date due slip

Renew from Patron Items Out list

Use this option when the patron is renewing by phone, or the items are not available to be scanned. ALERT! This option does not feature a specific date due slip for renewed items.

  1. Retrieve the patron account, click Items Out
  2. Highlight the item(s) to renew
  3. Right click, or click Actions for Selected Items
    • Click Renew to renew just the selected loan(s)
    • Click Renew All to renewal all loans, even if only one item is highlighted - be sure all items are close to their due dates
    • Click Renew With Specific Due Date to select a due date other than the standard loan period
      • If you change your mind about the specific due date and click cancel, the renewal will still be process with the default loan period! All other renewal cancel options cancel the renewal
  4. Click OK
  5. Item due date changes, and Remaining Renewals count decreases by one
  6. Click Print Item Receipt to print a list, with due dates, of the selected items


Sort the Patron Items Out list by due date

If the patron has a large number of checkouts or many different due dates, it is helpful to sort the list in due date order to determine which items should be renewed.

  1. In the patron account, click Items Out
  2. Click the Due Date column header
    • One click sorts due dates in descending order
    • Two clicks sorts in ascending order
  3. Select only the loans closest to being due
    • Click on the first item, press the shift key, then click on the last item to select a range
  4. Right click and select Renew

Override Renew Failure: Renewal Limit Reached

Most items have a two renewal limit. If the item is owned by your library, or you have permission from the owning library, the renewal limit can be overridden.

  1. Follow renewal process, using either Renew Items or from Items Out
  2. At the Override Renew Failure? MAX_RENEWALS_REACHED alert, click Yes
  3. Barring holds, the item is renewed; the Remaining Renewals count becomes -1

Override Renewal Failure: Copy Needed for a Hold

Libraries should NOT override a copy needed for hold block. The patron can keep the item and continue to accure overdue fines, or library staff can place a hold on the title.


Place hold on a failed renewal item with holds

If a patron has an item out that they would like to renew, but renewal is prevented due to holds, follow these steps to route the item to the next hold request and place a hold for the current patron.

  1. If starting from Renew Items, open a new tab and retrieve the patron record (you need the record open to place the hold)
  2. Open a new tab and open Check In
  3. Scan the item
    • The item will be routed to the next hold request, note the delivery destination or patron information if it is a local hold
  4. Return to the requesting patron's account tab
  5. Place a hold for the patron
    • Use the Numeric Search and select Barcode to easily retrieve the right title record

Override Renewal Failure: patron Exceeds Fines and/or Overdues

If the patron has overdues offer to renew the overdue items (unless prevented by holds) to finalize the overdue bills. If starting from Renew Items and the patron does not have all overdue items on hand, open a new tab and retrieve the patron record. Renew Items from Items Out.

  • Click Yes to override the overdues block
  • If the overdue items cause exceeds fines blocks, override those as well until all overdue items are renewed
  • Do NOT pay "item is still checked out" fines for the overdue materials before renewing them
If the patron has fine blocks but no overdues, retrieve the patron account to pay the bills first, then renew items.



Occasionally, when attempting to renew a checked out item, the following error will display:

[barcode] not renewed.\nACTION_CIRCULATION_NOT_FOUND Someone attempted to retrieve a circulation object from the system and the object was not found.

This happens when overdue bills on the item were paid while the item was still checked out (the bill was highlighted red when paid), totaling an amount equal to the maximum fine – usually $5.00. After the maximum fine amount is reached and paid, the system “closes” the circulation. This happens for the same basic reason Lost items remain in the Items Out display until the Lost Materials or Overdue bills are paid in full. This effect is a known bug, which is fixed in newer versions of the evergreen software.

ALERT! When you encounter this problem, submit a support ticket including the error text and patron barcode.

ALERT!To prevent this situation, renew items FIRST - even if it means overriding a block; and pay ONLY finalized bills.

Unhandled Error

If the item being scanned in Renew Items was never checked out, an Unhandled Error will open, stating "Renewal Failed for [barcode]". The Debug information includes the reason ACTOR_USER_NOT_FOUND. Check the item out to the patron.


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