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The Pull List for Holds Requests displays all items available on the shelf at your library that have been trargetted to fill holds.

The list is current as of the moment it is retrieved, and all targetted copies display in a data list. If the list has been open for any length of time, it will not automatically refresh. There are two refresh options.

  • Click Reload to update any possible changes (such as another item may have been opportunistically captured (scanned in check in) elsewhere, so your library's copy is no longer needed)
  • Click Fetch More Holds - to see if new holds have been targetted for your items
The Pull List display can be changed using the Column Picker to display different information pertaining to the hold, the targetted copy, the requesting patron, and more. Default information can be selected and saved, or changed on an as-needed basis. ALERT! One useful piece of information found in the Column Picker options is "Total number of Holds" - this indicates the total number of hold requests placed on the title/volume/copy, system wide.

ALERT! NOTE! The Pull List display as it appears in the staff client does not correspond to the Pull List as it prints.

Pull List Options

  • Reload - click to update list in case something has changed since the Pull List was first opened
  • Fetch more holds - click to see if new holds have been targetted for your items
  • Total Holds - total number of requested items on the Pull List
  • Detail View - display item summary, hold details, and hold notes
  • Actions For Selected Holds - edit hold settings (pickup library, etc.) or manage targetted item (mark missing, retarget, etc.)
  • List Actions - export or copy list data to another application

Retrieve the Pull List

  1. From a Portal tab, click Pull List for Hold Requests (or, open the Circulation Menu and select Pull List for Hold Requests)
  2. The default list display may not include the most useful columns, these can be changed BUT changes to the display list will not change the print version
    • Use the ColumnPicker to change the list data
    • Click and drag the column headers to rearrange the column order
    • Right click on a column header to open sort options - select Sort First (Ascending), Sort First (Descending), Sort Next (Ascending), Sort Next (Descending); this gives you the option to do a nested sort of two columns

Example Pull List For Hold Requests display list


This list has been customized to: remove unnecessary columns, add Location and Call Number, re-order the columns, and sorted by Location First/Ascending and Call Number Next/Ascending.

Simplified Pull List Interface

The Simplified Pull List Interface allows libraries to customize the pull list display and then print the list in that same layout. See PullListSimplifiedInterface for detailed customization instructions.

Print Options

The three print options are formatted, ordered, and sorted differently from each other, and do not reflect the columns selected to display in the list itself


This option triggers a print dialog and generates a receipt style, numbered list of your pull list items. The sorting of this list corresponds to the sorting applied in the display list but not the column order.

In this example, the Pull List display list has been customized to sort by Location then Call number (see the Pull List display screen shot above), which is how the list is sorted. The order of elements in the print list do NOT correspond to the column order of the display list.

This is the shortest, most concise print version of the Pull List.


Sort the pull list

Use these options to sort this list for printing with the "Print" option.

  1. Right click on the Shelving Location column header, select "Sort First (Ascending)"
    • The list will resort by location
  2. Right click on the Call Number column header, select "Sort Next (Ascending)"
    • The list will resort by location and then by call number
  3. Click List Actions, select "Save List Configuration"

Print Full Pull List

Triggers a print dialog, generates a formatted table style list which includes Title, Author, Shelving Location, Call Number, Barcode/Part (item), and Patron (barcode). The default print order is Request Date, oldest items first. Changing the display list does not change this sort order.

This list appears to truncate long titles and exclude added author/illustrator/director information.


Print Full Pull List Alternate Strategy

This opens the Pull List in new tab and triggers print dialog; the tab includes a Print Page option. The list prints as a formatted table style list and includes Title, Author, Shelving Location, Call Number, Barcode/Part (item); the default list order is Call Number.

This is the least concise of all Pull List print options, containing more white space and expanded titles with added author/illustrator/director information.


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