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Holds can be placed from SearchTheCatalog or from the Patron Account > Holds area. The Circulation Menu > Place Hold option takes staff directly to SearchTheCatalog.

ALERT! When placing multiple holds from Place Holds / SearchTheCatalog staff will need to re-enter the patron barcode for each hold UNLESS they use the Add to My List feature

ALERT! When patrons place holds via the OPAC, they will see the same screens and take the same steps as staff using the staff client except: patrons will be prompted to login to their account and patrons cannot place volume or copy holds.

ALERT! To get a damaged/missing pieces item back to the owning library for repair, place a Cataloging Recall copy hold, see: RequestItem22

ALERT! If you scan the patron's library card this will AUTOMATICALLY submit the hold request - if the the patron does not have saved hold notification defaults, the hold will be placed with the libtech or libcirc defaults (the workstation library will be the pickup library and the notification method will be phone and email)

Hold Limits

  • Patrons may place a maximum of 10 holds via the OPAC
  • Staff may place up to 20 holds on behalf of patrons - this should only be done in special circumstances; there is no alert of block alerting staff to the 10-hold exception

Place Hold from Search the Catalog

Place Title Hold

A title hold is the broadest level of hold - all copies (unless otherwise limited by AgeBasedHoldProtection, location, copy status, etc.) will be eligible to fill the hold. Patrons using the OPAC may place only title holds.

  1. From a new tab, select Circulation Menu > Place Hold, or press F3 (this opens SearchTheCatalog)
  2. Perform the desired search
  3. Once you have found the desired titles, click Place Hold in the Title Result
    • Or click the title to view Title Details, click Place Hold
  4. Enter the patron's barcode number and notify method(s)
    • Scanning the patron's library card will enter the number and automatically submit the hold with the patron's specified hold notify methods? If the patron does not have saved hold notification defaults, the hold will be placed with the libtech or libcirc defaults be very sure to update notification preferences BEFORE scanning a card!
      • "Place hold for my account" will place the hold on the libtech or libcirc workstation login account
    • Pickup location - If the patron has a specified pickup location? , this will automatically update; otherwise, the pickup location will default to the staff login default or home library
    • Notify method - If the patron has a specified notify method? , the form will automatically use those values; otherwise, the options should be changed or left as the defaults
      • The patron's daytime phone will be used unless the "by Phone" option is turned off, or a different telephone number is typed into the hold request form
      • The patron will receive an email notice if she has an email address on file unless the "by Email" option is turned off
  5. Click Submit
  6. At the "Hold Successfully placed" confirmation click Continue to return to the search result list
  7. Repeat these steps for subsequent holds

Place Batch Title Holds

  1. From the search results list, click Add to my list for each title requested; limit 10 items
  2. When done searching, click View My List
  3. In the Temporary List area, click the box next to Title to select all items
  4. Click Actions for these items and select Place Hold
  5. Adjust pickup and notifications
  6. Enter the Patron Barcode
    • ALERT! If the barcode is scanned, the request will be submitted immediately; any hold notification defaults the patron has selected will be applied to the hold automatically
  7. Click Submit
  8. The list of hold items will display indicated "Hold was successfully" or a specific hold not successful message
  9. Click Continue to return to the My List display, click Advanced Search to start a new search
ALERT! Batch holds cannot be placed for Volumes or Copies

Place Volume or Copy Hold

A Volume is placed on all copies attached to a specific volume record, and only those copies will be eligible to fill the hold.

A Copy Hold is placed on a single, specific barcoded copy and only that copy will fill the hold. If that copy becomes non-holdable (for example it becomes lost or missing) the hold will not be filled.

  1. From a new tab, select Circulation Menu > Place Hold, or press F3
  2. Perform the desired search
  3. Click a title to view Title Details
  4. Click Copies to view library holdings
  5. In the Barcode/Holdable? column, click either copy or volume
  6. Enter the patron's barcode number and notify method(s)
  7. Click Submit
  8. At the "Hold Successfully placed" confirmation click Continue to return to the search result list

Place Hold from Patron Account > Holds

  1. Retrieve the patron account, click Holds
  2. Click Place Holds, this opens the Catalog search screen within patron account > holds
  3. Perform the desired search
  4. Once you have identified the titles, click Place Hold in teh results list
    • Or click the title to view Title Details, click Place Hold
    • Or scroll down to the Copies list to hold a copy or volume; only library staff can place copy or volume holds
  5. Verify hold pick up and notification details in the Place Hold form
  6. Click Submit
  7. If the hold has been placed, a confirmation message appears, click Continue to return to the search results
  8. If the hold cannot be placed, a hold not successfully placed message will appear
  9. Continue placing holds as needed
  10. To return to the Holds list, click Holds and click Refresh to update the holds list

Holds on Age-Based Hold Protected Items

ALERT! Staff and patrons can place holds on records where all copies have age-based hold protection enabled.

When copies for a title are Age-Based Hold Protected those copies will NOT be targeted/captured to fill a hold where the pickup library is different than the owning library. When the age-based hold protection expires, the hold(s) will already be in the hold queue and the copies will be eligible to be targeted and captured. If there are non age-based hold protected copies, those copies will be targeted/captured for the hold as normal.

The hold process for age-based hold protected copies is the same as usual, except that there is an extra step to "override" the hold failure - the override states that the item is new, and that there may be some delay before the hold will be filled. Staff and patrons will see the same override!


ALERT! Note! If the hold pickup library is the same as the owning library, the hold will be placed, targetted, and captured like any regular hold without the override step!

Advanced Hold Options

Multiple Holds on the Same Title

Staff users have the ability to place multiple holds on behalf of a single patron on the same title record, such as for book clubs or teachers. This practice is NOT encouraged as it does not accurately reflect who is using library materials, for statistical purposes or patron accountability purposes.

When place hold is attempted for a title on which the patron has a current hold, the following message appears:

Patrons cannot place multiple holds themselves from the online catalog.

Hold Not Successfully Placed Reasons

Holds may be denied for a variety of reasons. After attempting to place the hold, the system will return a message stating "Hold not successfully placed" with ana ccompanying Problem description:

  • System could not find any items to match this hold request
    • No copies
    • OWWL2Go content
    • patron already has the requested item checked out
    • This problem can be overridden and the hold placed anyway
  • Patron has reached the maximum fine amount
  • Patron has too many overdue items
  • Patron has reached the maximum number of holds
  • User already has an open hold on the selected item
  • All available copies are temporarily unavailable at your pickup library. Placing This hold could result in longer wait times.
    • Age-protected item, hold pickup library does not match owning library; this message does not appear when pickup library matches owning library
    • Hold can be placed, but will remain with status "No Copy" until a non-age protected item becomes available or the age protection expires
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