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Patron Search



When a PatronBarcode is unavailable, use Patron Search (also referred to as Search For Patron) to retrieve a patron record. Patron Search is also the critical first step before Registering a new patron.?

Search for patron records

  1. Click Patron Search toolbar button
    • from the Search Menu select Search for Patron by Name, or press F4
  2. Enter search criteria
  3. Click Search
  4. Search results display in right panel
  5. Add or change search criteria to refine search results
  6. Highlight a patron record to preview patron information in the left panel
  7. To open the selected patron record in a new tab double click the record or click Retrieve Patron
  8. To start another search click Search Form

If duplicate records are found, see MergePatrons? for more information regarding the merge patrons function.

Search criteria

  • Include inactive patrons - patron records marked "inactive"
  • Limit results to patrons in: - select OWWL or workstation library
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Alias - this is a holds alias, not generally used
  • Email
  • Phone
  • ID - not applicable
  • OPAC Login - username selected by the patron
  • Barcode
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City
  • ZIP
  • Filter by Permission Profile - limit the results by a type of patron, useful for special patron groups, such as "Fine Free Patron"

Results List Options

  • Save Columns - save changes to the search results list made using the column picker
  • Copy to Clipboard - copy selected information from a highlighted record
  • Print - Prints the results list in a quote delimited list (can be printed to an XPS Document Writer file and copied to excel or other file for editing - requires manipulation to be usable)

Search strategies

ALERT! Search strings are processed from left to right, there is no way to search only for characters at the end of the string

Include inactive patrons?

  • Always use when searching for records prior to new patron registration
  • Use in conjunction with "Active" column - active patrons = t, inactive patrons = f
  • Patrons that have been expired for more than 3 years will be marked Inactive
    • These records will have an alert stating that they were marked inactive due to expiration, and will include the month/year
    • This serves the purpose of "purging" old records from day-to-day searches, while retaining the records in case a patron returns to the PLS libraries

Search by name

  • Hyphenated last names
    • Nybody-Jones can be retrieved by searching "Nybody" but not "Jones"
    • Hyphens matter - "nybody jones" will not retrieve "nybody-jones"
  • Uncertain spelling
    • Enter initial letters in last name and first name fields
  • Distinctive, frequent alternative spelling, first names
    • example: Makaela, Makaila, Makala, Makayla, Makaylah, Makaylla

Search by email

  • Username part of email or entire email
    • Example: - retrieved by "anybody", "anybody112", "anybody112@", or ""
  • cannot search just by ISP
    • "" will return no matches

Search by phone

  • Use area code-prefex-line number, or area code-prefix, or area code
  • Cannot search just prefix-line number
  • Hyphens do NOT matter, 5851234567 = 585-123-4567

Search by OPAC Login

  • Only if patron has selected custom OPAC/Staff Client User Name, otherwise same as patron Barcode

Search by Barcode

  • Use full barcode to retrieve specific, single record; if card available to scan, use Check Out to retrieve patron account
  • Use barcode prefix only (i.e. 22111 - PLSHQ prefix) to limit results to patron with cards issued by a specific library

Search by Address

  • Include street number
    • Searching for "123 Main St" is different than searching for "Main St" - residents of 123 Main St will not appear in search results for Main St
  • Abbreviations
    • "123 Main St" results will appear in search results using "123 Main St" or "123 Main Street"
    • "123 Some Road" results will not appear in search results for "123 Some Rd"
    • For the most results, do not use St, Rd, etc

Filter by Permission Profile

  • Displays records based on the profile group, such as "Fine Free Patron"
  • Can use just the filter to search, although results limited to 50
  • Filter by permission profile if selected does NOT reset when Clear Search Form is clicked, must manually select blank
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