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Patron Holds list

Holds can be placed from the Patron Account > Holds area or from SearchTheCatalog. The Circulation Menu > PlaceHold option takes staff directly to SearchTheCatalog.

All management of existing patron holds - cancelling holds, editing hold settings, viewing cancelled holds, etc. - occurs in the Patron Account > Holds area.


Place Hold

This is the same process as placing holds from SearchTheCatalog, except the patron has already been identified, so staff will not need to scan the patron barcode for each hold.

  1. Retrieve the patron account, click Holds
  2. Click Place Holds, this opens the Catalog search screen within patron account > holds
  3. Perform the desired search
  4. Once you have identified the titles, click Place Hold in teh results list
    • Or click the title to view Title Details, click Place Hold
    • Or scroll down to the Copies list to hold a copy or volume; only library staff can place copy or volume holds
  5. Verify hold pick up and notification details in the Place Hold form
  6. Click Submit
  7. If the hold has been placed, a confirmation message appears, click Continue to return to the search results
  8. If the hold cannot be placed, a hold not successfully placed message will appear
  9. Continue placing holds as needed
  10. To return to the Holds list, click Holds and click Refresh to update the holds list

Cancel Hold

  1. Retrieve patron record, click Holds
  2. Highlight the hold(s) to cancel
  3. Right click and select Cancel Holds
  4. A Cancel Hold - Reason and Notes dialog opens
  5. Select a Hold Cancel Reason and enter a note explaining the cancellation OR leave the hold reason as is and the note empty
  6. Click Apply
  7. Hold is cancelled and removed from the holds list

Hold Cancel Reasons

  • Hold Shelf Expiration - this is usually applied by the system when a ready-for-pickup hold was not checked out
  • Patron in person - must be selected by staff when cancelling a hold at patron request
  • Patron via OPAC - applied by the system when the patron cancels their own hold
  • Patron via phone - must be selected by staff when cancelling a hold at patron request
  • Staff forced - the default selection
  • Untargeted expiration

Show Cancelled Holds

This view allows staff to see holds that have been cancelled by staff via the Staff client or by patrons via the OPAC. This feature also allows staff to un-cancel a hold.

  1. Retrieve the patron account, click Holds
  2. Click Show Cancelled Holds
  3. To return to the regular hold list, click Show Un-cancelled Holds
The list displays item information and hold information. Use the column Picker to display Cancel Cause (a.k.a. Cancel Reason) and Cancel Note.


Un-cancel a hold

ALERT! When a hold in un-cancelled the original request date will be reset to the date the hold is un-cancelled.

  1. From the Holds list, click Show Cancelled Holds
  2. Highlight the hold to un-cancel
  3. Right click and select Un-cancel Hold
  4. The hold disappears from the cancelled hold list
  5. Click Show Un-cancelled Holds to return to the main Holds list

Detail View

Hold Details includes the Title Record Summary, hold information, hold notes, and notifications.

  1. From Patron Holds, highlight a specific hold
  2. Click Detail View


Add Hold Note

  1. In Detail View, click Add Note
  2. Set note options
    • Public? - not currently enabled
    • Print on Slip? - the note title and text will display on the "turtle SCREEN" hold slip and printed hold slip
    • Title and Note - the displays in bold in the detail view > notes area and can be used as a quick summary; the note field is for the full note text. Both Title and Note contents will display in the main Holds list by selecting the "Hold Note(s) Text" option from the Column Picker.

Show Holds on the Title Record

To view all other holds on the title, highlight the hold, right click and select Show Holds on Bib. This will open the catalog Title Record > View Holds display. Uncheck the filter for pickup library. See also: ViewHolds.

Edit Pickup Library

See: EditPickupLibrary

Edit Phone Notification

If a patron did not specify a telephone number when placing a hold, or has changed their phone number after placing a hold, the hold notification number must be manually updated.

Even after the information has been updated in PatronEdit, the hold record will retain the original notification number.


Edit Mobile/Text Carrier and Number

If a patron did not specify a text number and/or text carrier when placing a hold, or has changed their text number and/or text carrier after placing a hold, the hold notification number must be manually updated.

Even after the text numbers have been updated in PatronEdit or the patron account, the hold record will retain the original notification number.

Set Email Notification

If a patron did not specify email notification or did not have an email address on file when placing a hold, or has changed their email address after placing a hold, the hold notification email must be manually updated.

Even after the email address has been updated in PatronEdit, the hold record will retain the original notification email address.


Edit Expiration Date

By default, an unfilled hold will expire after 300 days. If the patron specifies a time after which she no longer needs the requested item, enter that date here. The hold will not be cancelled, but it will not be filled after the expiration date. Bear this in mind when processing the OldHoldsReport. Cancel any holds that have expired.


Edit Shelf Expire Time

Shelf Expire Time is used with BrowseHoldsShelf and clearing shelf-expired holds. The system is configured to mark holds as "shelf expired" 7 days after the activation date, as per OWWL policy.

If the item has already been made available, but something has happened to change the hold status, for example the hold has been re-routed to a new pickup library, the Shelf Expire Time may need to be manually updated.

Edit Activation Date

If a hold has been suspended, use Edit Activation Date to apply an automatic activation date. This can also be used to suspend the hold and apply an automatic date for currently active holds.


Edit Request Date

This is not enabled for TECH or CIRC accounts. Request date will only be modified (by the system) in the case of UN-cancelled holds.

Activate Hold

If a hold has been suspended without an automatic activation date, use this option to manually activate the hold. Suspended (or, non-active) holds can be identified in the Holds List by selecting the "Active?" field from the Column Picker.

Bear this in mind when processing the OldHoldsReport. If suspended holds appear on the report, follow up with the patron.

Suspend Hold

If a patron has placed a hold but does not want the hold to be filled right away, the hold can be suspended indefinitely until the hold is activated, or an automatic activation date is added. To suspend a hold and add an automatic activation date in the same process, see: Edit Activation Date.

Suspended holds display in the patron's hold list as Status=Suspended.

A suspended hold retains the same request date (all other things being equal, it would "keep it's place in the queue") rather than being cancelled and re-requested later, but will not be filled during the suspension time.

Set Top Of Queue

This is not enabled for TECH or CIRC accounts.

Transfer To Marked Title

If a patron has placed a hold on the wrong title record, for instance on a large print or audiobook version when she wants the regular print version, the hold can be moved to an alternate record without changing the hold request date.

ALERT! NOTE: Once a title is marked as a transfer destination, it cannot be "unmarked" - if transferring multiple holds to different titles, be sure the correct titles are marked as the destination.

  1. From the patron's Hold List, highlight the hold in question
  2. Right click and select Show In Catalog, the title record opens in a new tab
  3. Do a search to identify the alternate record
    • Click on the author name then sort the results, or search by title, etc.
  4. Open the alternate record title details
  5. Click Actions for this Record, select Mark as Title Hold Transfer Destination, click OK
  6. Go back to the patron tab
  7. In the Holds List, right click on the hold to transfer, select Transfer to Marked Title, click OK
This same process is available from ViewHolds22?

Find Another Target

This will refresh the hold record and force the system to scan the database to look for copies that could fill the hold. This is a good thing to try if a hold appears to mysteriously "stalled". It will not reset the hold request date.

Add Failure to Pickup Hold bill and Cancel Hold

When a patron does not pick up available hold items, they should be assessed a $1.00 “Hold not picked up” bill. This can be accomplished from Patron Account > Holds or Browse Holds Shelf. One advantage of using the Browse Holds Shelf method, is that RetrievePatron can be used to automatically open each relevant patron record in a new tab, without having to type a barcode or search by name. If a single patron has multiple expired holds, the patron will have only one tab

ALERT! Failure to Pickup Hold bills are manual bills, so any information about the bill must be entered by library staff

Bill Patron for Failure to Pickup Hold

See: Shelf Expired Holds: Cancel Shelf Expired Holds and Bill for Failure to Pickup Holds

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