Patron Account



The patron account provides access to a patron's identifying information, account status, current transactions and all patron-related procedures.

Summary Information



the patron name will be highlighted by a specific color according to the PatronStatus.

(Indicators) - parenthetical notations indicate various issues with the patron record, such as Status, Juveniles, and Notes; the indicators typically correspond to the color highlighting the patron name. Indicators are links - click on the notation to navigate to the relevant area.


If a manual alert has been added to the patron account, it will display here in a yellow box.


This section provides basic account information, including:

  • PatronPermissionGroup
  • HomeLibrary
  • InternetAccessLevel
  • Account creation date
  • Account expiration date
  • Last Activity - the last time the patron logged into an online service (My Account, Overdrive, etc.)
  • Last updated - the last time any circulation transaction or edit occurred on the record
  • Holds - total pending and available hold requests
  • Available - total ready for pickup holds
  • Bills - fines owed to date
  • Checkouts - total current items out
  • Overdue - items out that are overdue
  • Long Overdue - not applicable
  • Claimed Returned - items out that have been claimed returned
  • Lost items
  • NonCatalogedCirculations?

ID and Contact Information

Mailing Address and Physical Addresss

Displays addresses saved in the patron record. If the patron has one address (which is both mailing address and physical address) then the same address will display twice. If the patron has two seperate addresses, one marked mailing and the other physical, then both addresses will display.

If the addresses are highlighted in red text, this indicates that the addresses have been marked Invalid; this corresponds to an (Invalid Address) indicator.

Function tabs

Click a tab to access specific circulation functions: Refresh, Check Out, Items Out, Holds, Bills, Edit, Messages? , and Other? .

The functions open in the function pane. Once a function is selected, the sumamry panel will be hidden. To switch between functions, for example - pay Bills then move on to Checkout - simply click the tab for the first function, complete all procedures, then click the tab for the next function. By default, retrieving the patron record opens to Check Out, unless the patron has an Alert message of some kind.

Function Pane

Individual circulation functions open within this area. No matter what functions are selected, the summary pane and function tabs remain static. To switch between functions, for example simply click the tab for the first function, complete all procedures, then click the tab for the next function.

If changes resulting from a circulation procedure do not appear to have taken effect - for example, the number of holds displayed beneath the Holds function tab does not change after placing new holds - click Refresh.

Hide / Unhide Summary Pane

Click in the middle of the bar between the summary pane and the function pane to manually collapse or expand the summary pane. Click and drag to adjust the width of the summary pane.

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