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Negative balances / Refunds Available most often occur when a bill has been paid, either in full or partially, then the item is returned and/or the bill is voided. The most common occurances are paid lost materials are checked in or overdue fees are paid while the item is checked out, then overdue fees are voided when the item is marked lost.

With Evergreen version 2.10 (June 2016) new settings were enabled to prevent these most common causes of negataive balances. If bills have been partially paid and are MANUALLY voided, negataive balances will still occur.

However, old, pre-existing negative balances will need to be addressed.

To clear negative balances without recording a Refund, EG v.2.10 employs a new process: the "Adjust to Zero" option.

Adjust to Zero

Adjusting the bill to zero will clear the negative balance, negative amounts will NOT appear in the Cash Report (as with the Refund option), and should work in most negative balance situations.

  1. Highlight the negative balance bill
  2. Right click
  3. Select Adjust to Zero
  4. At the "Are you sure..." confirmation, click Yes
  5. The bill will disappear


Add Billing

Occasionally, if multiple payments and voids have been applied to a bill, Adjusting to Zero will still not work. In these situations, an error screen will appear. To clear the negative balance, right click on the negative balance and select the Add Billing option to create a "Misc" bill for a positive amount equal to the negative balance. This will also zero out the negetaive balance.

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