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When an item is on the Pull List but cannot be found on the shelf, it should be marked missing. This will allow the hold to move on to another copy, if other copies are available for holds. However, the missing copy may be the only copy in the catalog, or may be the only copy in a shelving location or status that is holdable. If this is the case, the hold will not move on to another copy.

Owning libraries should take the extra step of checking the catalog to see if their copy is the only copy. If it is, the patron's home library/pick up library - or the patron herself - should be contacted.

Mark Hold Item Missing from the Pull List

  1. Open the PullListForHoldRequests22
  2. Check to see if the missing copy is the only copy
    • Using the ColumnPicker, select PotentialCopies
    • If the number of Potential Copies for the missing hold item is "1" the missing copy is the only copy in the catalog (see next session for additional steps)
  3. Right click on the hold item not found, select MarkItemMissing
  4. At the Mark Missing dialog, click OK
  5. At Item Marked Missing confirmation, click OK
  6. The hold item will remain on the Pull List, click Reload to update the Pull List if desired (the missing item will disappear, new hold requests may display)

Missing Copy is the Only Copy

If the copy marked missing is the only copy associated with the title record, the hold will remain on the patron account with the status "Waiting for Copy" until the item is found, a new copy is added, or the hold is cancelled. The the hold is NOT automatically cancelled as the item is marked missing. If there are other holds on the title, those patrons would need to contacted as well. Using the ColumnPicker, add "Total Number of Holds" to the hold display list. If the number is greater than 1, use the ShowInCatalog action to access ViewHolds.

Contact the hold request patron or the patron's pick up library for follow up.

  • Note the PickupLibrary in the hold display list
  • Use the Actions for Selected Holds menu > RetrievePatron to open the patron account in a new tab to access patron contact information
  • Use the Actions for Selected Holds menu > CancelHold to remove the hold request
  • Leave the hold request as is, it WILL reinstate once the item is found and the hold targeter runs

Old Hold Report

The OldHoldsReport is used by hold pickup libraries to track their patrons' holds that have remained unfilled for more than 2 months. The reasons could be missing, damaged, or lost items; blocked patrons; very long hold queues; etc.

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