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In most places where information is displayed in a list – such as the patron search result list, check outs list, items out list, holds list, etc. – library staff has the ability to select/de-select columns in the table display.

Data elements can be changed on an as needed basis or to permanently adjust the list display.

Use the Column Picker

  1. Click the Column Picker icon to open a list of options
  2. Depending on the function, the list of column options will be different
    • Items with a check mark are displayed in the table
    • Some lists are very long; scroll or click the small arrow to move to the end/top of the list
  3. Click on an unchecked option to add it to the table
  4. Click on a checked option to remove it from the table
  5. Once one option is selected or deselected, the list will close; repeat for each option to change

Save the column configuration

If you want your column changes to be permanent you must save the configuration. Depending on the function you are in...

If columns are not saved, the display will revert to the last saved configuration the next time the function is opened. This is useful if you have changed display columns for a one time only task.

If you want to go back to the default columns, click Restore Defaults at the end the Column Picker list to undo saved or temporary changes.

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