OWWL Catalog Maintenance and Record Cleanup

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Catalog Maintenance

Catalog maintenance refers to the ongoing tasks of correcting and improving catalog records in OWWL so that public and staff users of the catalog can efficiently and effectivly find and identify items in the catalog. Users will have the information they need about an item to make a decision as to whether it is what they want or need. The request form below can be used to submit information to PLSHQ cataloging staff.

Catalog Clean Up

Despite our on-going best efforts, there are duplicate records that can be merged, as well as records that lack information, or don't conform to standard MARC cataloging practices.

In order to improve our catalog so that it is accurate and patron-friendly, we rely on PLS members to report catalog record errors and omissions.

Examples of errors to report:

  • Spelling
  • Missing information
    • ISBN - when different editions (paperback, hard cover, book club) share the same record, or an item now has a 13-digit ISBN
    • page numbers
    • illustrator's name
    • etc.
  • Incomplete title
  • Missing fields
    • Subject headings
    • Content note
    • etc.
  • Multiple records for the same title that might be merged

Cataloging contacts

If you have questions please contact us.

Other cataloging requests

Requests for new records for all item types should be sent to orders@pls-net.org.

Request Form

Please complete as much of the form as possible. When you have finished, click on the Submit Request button. This will email the request and initiate the review process.

Catalog Cleanup Request
Requestor Email *
Library *
Problem *
Material Type
Description *
Additional Comments
Topic Subject Cataloging

Documentation type Informational

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