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The Browse Holds Shelf list displays all holds on the holds shelf, including ready-for-pickup hold items, as well as ShelfExpiredHolds and holds that had been cancelled after becoming ready for pickup.

From Browse Holds Shelf, staff can manage specific holds via the ActionsForSelectedHolds menu (also available from Patron Account Holds), view detailed information about specific holds, and manage expired holds.

Access the Holds Shelf List

To view the Holds Shelf List, in the staff client, open the Circulation menu, the select Browse Holds Shelf.

Holds Shelf List

The Holds list can be sorted by double clicking a single row header, or right clicking on row headers and selecting a sort order and priority for multiple row sorting. Use the Column Picker to adjust the information to display.

Detail View


View Clearable Holds

Shelf expired holds can be separated from the full hold list by clicking View Clearable Holds. Ready-for-pickup holds that had been cancelled (by staff or patrons) will also appear in the View Clearable Holds list.

Expired and cancelled holds will continue to display in the Browse Holds Shelf list - regardless of HoldStatus - until the items have been scanned in CheckInItems.

View Shelf-Expired Holds and Clear these Holds without Billing for Failure to Pickup Hold

The View Shelf-Expired Holds and Clear these Holds functions are intended to allow staff to easily cancel holds that were not picked up within the 7-day window.

ALERT! Clear these Holds does NOT apply a Failure to Pickup Hold bill, or allow an opportunity to retrieve the patron account.

  1. Open Browse Holds Shelf
  2. Check View Clearable Holds
  3. Pull expired hold items from the shelf
  4. Click Clear These Holds to trigger these changes:
    • Hold Status = Canceled
    • Cancel Cause = Hold Shelf expiration
    • The hold is cleared from the patron account
    • The CopyStatus remains "On Holds Shelf"
  5. In a new tab open CheckInItems
  6. Scan each item removed from the shelf to clear the copy status and route as needed

Cancel Shelf-Expired Holds and Apply Failure to Pickup Hold bills

  1. Open Browse Holds Shelf
  2. Click View Clearable Holds
  3. Using the Column Picker, add Patron Barcode and/or Patron Lastname column(s); click a patron column header to sort the list by patron
  4. Pull expired hold items from the shelf
  5. To cancel all holds, click Clear These Holds; the Status updates to Cancelled
  6. Make note of the item title or Copy it
    1. Right click on a hold, click Copy to Clipboard
    2. Click on the Title, click OK
    3. The title will be later pasted into the Failure to Pickup Hold Fee bill
  7. Right click on one hold, select Retrieve Patron; the patron account opens in a new tab
    • If a patron has multiple holds that have not been picked up, you can create one bill for all items, or individual bills for each item
  8. Click Bills
  9. Click Bill Patron
  10. In the Bill Patron Wizard
    • Select Billing Type: Failure to Pickup Hold Fee
    • Amount = $1.00
    • In the Note Field, type the title of the item, or right click and Paste if copied
    • Click Submit this Bill
  11. The Failure to Pickup Hold Fee bill will appear in the Bills list
    • In the PatronBills list, the Last Billing Note column can be added to display the Title of the hold item in the list IF the title is the first thing in the bill note field
  12. Close the patron record and return to Browse Hold Shelf to repeat for each expired hold until all have been billed
  13. Open a new tab, open CheckInItems
  14. Scan each item from the shelf to route as needed

For complete information on using View Clearable Holds to process cancelled and expired hold items, and for guidelines on billing for holds not picked up, see ShelfExpiredHolds

Detail View

Detail View provides quick access to Patron Status, Record Summary, Hold details, and an area to add a hold note and record of notification. Detail View is also available from Patron Account Holds.

Add Hold Note

Hold notes can be viewed in a Holds list by selecting "Hold Note(s)" in the ColumnPicker.

  1. Retrieve Patron account and click Holds or open Browse Holds Shelf
  2. Highlight the appropriate hold
  3. Click Detail View
  4. In the Notes area, click Add Note
  5. Enter note details and content
    • Currently, the OPAC is NOT configured to display Public notes, this development is planned for future releases
  6. Click Add Note
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