Bill History

Evergreen v.2.10


Bill History allows staff to view all bills associated with a patron's account - paid and unpaid. Bill history opens is a secondary pop-up window, and is made up of several pieces of information.

Access the Bill History

  1. Access the PatronAccount and click Bills
  2. Within the Bills display, click History
  3. The Bill History replaces the Current Bills list
  4. Select Transactions or Payments
    • Transactions - see all bills
    • Payments - see only paid bills
  5. To return to the main bills display, click Bills button

Limit Transactions or Payments list by Date

By default, the Transactions and Payments lists display one year's worth of information, based on the current date.

  1. From either Transactions or Payments
  2. Click the calendar gadget next to Start Date
    • Start Date is the checkout date for overdue or lost materials bills ("circulation" Bill Type) or the date the bill was created for manual bills ("grocery" Bill Type)
  3. Click the calendar gadget next to End Date - only bills created on or before this date will display
    • End Date is the date on which the bill was paid
  4. Click Retrieve Transactions

Bill History Options


This will print a list of bills from either the Transactions or Payments tab.

ALERT! The default bills_historical receipt template (see ReceiptTemplateMacros for more information) does not include the same information as the list. It may not provide all the information your patron needs.

A method to print a bill history is to add all necessary columns, then use the List Actions menu, Copy List CSV to Clipboard option. The copied data can be pasted into an Excel spreadsheet.

Add Billing

Appends a new line item bill to the transaction - See AddBilling.

Show Item Details

Opens the copy record in Item Status > Alternate View to access copy record and circulation information.

Full Details

View circulation summary information, Item Summary information (this will be the item's current status, not the status at the time the bill was created), and line item billings associated with a selected bill.

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