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Patrons can be notified of available holds in two ways: phone or email. Patrons have the option to select their default notification method in their OpacMyAccount and can modify their notification preferences at the point of PlaceHold.

Depending on the notification method selected, there are four different Hold Slip views:

ALERT! When in doubt about notification, follow up with your patrons! They may not understand their options or know how to change them.

Phone notification

If a patron selects just phone notification, the contact number will be included in the Hold Slip. Use this slip and phone number to call the patron.

ALERT! Unless manually entered when placing the hold, the Notification Phone number displayed in the Hold Slip comes from the Daytime Phone? entered in the patron's record. Notification Phone may be different from other numbers in the patron record. If the Phone Notification option is turned on, ALL patron phone numbers will display on the Hold Slip.

Depending on your local practice, you can print this slip (to your default printer, not necessarily your Star slip printer) or, label the item in some other way.

Example Hold Slip with Phone Notification


View List of Patrons to Notify By Phone

Evergreen is designed so that phone notifications are made using the printed Hold Slip. ALERT! This method is a workaround. If the column configuration for the Holds Shelf view is changed, the Hold List display in the patron record will alsobe displayed to include these columns.

  1. From the Circulation menu, select Browse Hold Shelf
  2. Click the ColumnPicker Icon and select: Email Notify, Phone Notify, Patron First Name, Patron Last Name
    • Also using the ColumnPicker, remove any unneeded columns to improve readability
  3. Click the Available On header to sort the list by date - notify only new holds
  4. If there is no phone number in the Phone Notify Column, that patron turned off the phone notify option

Email notification

Email notices are generated for ALL patrons with an email address in their patron account. If patrons do NOT wish to receive email hold notices, library staff should remove the email address from the account.

If the patron selects just email notification, only the email will be printed on the slip. Staff do not need to take further action.

Email notices are system generated between 30 and 60 minutes after the hold is made available. The message is sent from "egils" - or, E ver g reen I ntegrated L ibrary S ystem. Your patrons may need to add this address to their email "allowed" list.

If a patron has multiple holds become available on the same day, each hold will trigger it's own hold notice email.

Although patrons can add a phone number phone notification when placing a hold, they cannot enter an email address. The email used for these system generated messages are the email addresses on file in the patron record.

Example Hold Slip with Email Notification


Example email notification text


Phone and email notification

This is the default option. If this option is selected, the hold slip will indicate email address and phone number. Call the patron at thephone number listed. A system generated email will be sent.

Example Hold Slip with Phone and Email Notification


NO Notification

If, for some reason, a patron turns off phone and email notification, neither peice of information will display on the Hold Slip

Example Hold Slip with NO Notification methods


Using Browse Hold Shelf for an ad hoc available hold Phone Notify List

Evergreen is designed to use the HoldSlip for hold notification. Using BrowseHoldsShelf is an imperfect workaround for which it is important to remember a few key points about hold notification:

  1. Patrons can opt to TURN OFF phone notification
  2. If phone notification is turned on, the Daytime Phone auto-fills the phone notify number
  3. Patrons can opt to be notified using a phone number NOT IN THEIR ACCOUNT (they manually enter a phone numer at PlaceHold)
  4. When holds are placed, and phone notification is turned on, a phone number MUST be entered
  5. If NO phone number displays in the "Phone Notify" column of the BrowseHoldsShelf display, the PATRON DOES NOT WANT A PHONE CALL
  6. Typically, if patrons do not want phone notifications, they have turned on email notifications
  7. Email addresses display on the HoldSlip but NOT in the Holds display "Email Notification" column - this will indicate Yes or No
  8. Occasionally, patrons will have turned off BOTH phone and email notifications - this is their perogative; we can only assume that they check their OpacMyAccountHolds list often
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