Ad Hoc Reports


Ad Hoc reports are available on demand, and include data current to the date the report is retrieved. Ad Hoc reports are accessed from BrowseReports > Run Ad Hoc Reports.

List of reports

Report options

  • Output options
    • Copy - click to copy the report data to your PC's clipboard to paste into another application like Notepad, Excel, Word, etc.; if you have used the "Search" filter, only the search results will be copied
    • CSV - click to export and save the report data in a CommaSeparatedValues file; a Save dialog will open, save the file then open the file using your preferred spreadsheet application
    • Excel - same result as the CSV option
    • Print - click to display the report in a print-friendly format; if you have used the "Search" filter, only the search results will be printed; use your browser's print function to print the page, then click ESC to return to the report display
  • Show... entries - use to change how many rows display before the results are split into multiple pages; options: 20, 50, 100, All
  • Search - enter text from the results to filter the results; this is based on character matching within the entire result set, so "false" matches may still be included - for example: searching "att" would return ATT (home library code), Attica (as is Town Code or library full name), and/or words from a title including attack, battalion, etc.
  • Column sort - click the little arrows at the right side of a column header to sort either ascending or descending by that column; the report can only be sorted by one column at a time
  • Pagination - large reports are displayed on multiple pages; click the page numbers or previous/next/first/last to navigate through various pages; the number of rows per page can be changed using the "Show...entries" option
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